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Kamajaya and Ratih ; Kamajaya is one of many Lords in Java shadow puppet story or what they call Wayang Kulit.. He is so handsome, gentle and honest. He has a glorious character and really loves his wife. His wife is called Dewi Ratih that also well known as a beautiful lady. Not only is she a good looking but also gentle and honest like her husband. This marriage couple of Idol is really harmonious and they keep their faithful to each other until they die. In Java society, such harmonious has been symbol in many of wedding ceremonies hoping when they have daughter and/ or son they wish they have handsome son like Kamajaya and beautiful daughter like Dewi Ratih. These are 2 pcs of mini size of Wayang kulit, Just match to place on the sitting room desk. Design/ Model : Classic Quantity : 2 pcs Measurement : Each of both puppets measures about 11" h ( total incl. handle) x 3.5" w Net weight aprx 10 grams each. Shpg Cost using Registered Airmail. Zona I - ASEAN USD 10.00 Zona II - Asia & Pacific USD 15.00 ( except New Calidonia USD 21.00) . Zona III - Africa USD 25.00 Zona IV - Europe USD 25.00 Zona V - Canada & Brazil USD 22.00 USA USD 18.00 , Other Countries USD 30.00 For General information about this puppets please see the front page.